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Online Exhibition in America.

Organizer: Fog and Fish Gallery



Marzieh Ziaeian was born in 1957 in Tehran. Since 1982she pursued painting seriously and completed her painting skills besidegreat masters such as Nami Petgar. She has participated in several exhibitions and sold her art in Iran as well as different foreign countries such as United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Turkey .There is a diversity of themes and techniques in her works; because she does not want to curtail herself and to restrict her art to a specific style and technique.Her works can be classified into various styles in different periods.In the first decade, most of her paintings are oil painting with a surreal style;but in recent years,she has transferred her feelings on the canvas to express her ideas, imaginations and thoughts, without adherence to a specific style.Also, a number of her works may be referred to as "a transition to the Abstract Style".Her works can be classified into self-portraits or portraits of people which are depicted in a quite imaginary atmosphere, paintings originating from her thoughts and feelings and finally abstracts that some pictures and images can be found amidst their colors.
Regarding using different colors on the canvas, she has said: "I just transfer my insights and feelings on the canvas, with the help of colors;that's why my paintings are so much diversified and colorful”.
Her works have been exhibited in the following exhibitions:
VALA Gallery in 2000
Ibn Sina (Ghanoon) Academy in 2007
Elaheh Gallery in 2006
Individual private exhibition in the United Arabic Emirates in 2012
Jahan Nama Gallery in Niavaran cultural complex in2014
Solo exhibition of color and imagination - The shokouh gallery 2016
Gallery of Golestan Cultural Society 2018
Yalda Painting and Design Group Exhibition 2018
Monochrome rainbow exhibition 2018
Dome Giti Exhibition 2019
New Season Exhibition 2019
Group Exhibition of Visual Arts of Contemporary Beauty 2019
Iranian Art Exhibition 2019
Individual exhibition of Master Marzieh Ziaian Exhibition 2019
Group Exhibition "Art and Experience" Year 2019
Online Exhibition in America. Organizer: Fog and Fish Gallery  sep-17-2021
Iranian Contemporary Artists in ISTANBUL
Spring Fair in Autumn 2020